About Us

Our Mission

Austin Recovery’s mission is to provide a network of compassionate, community-based, person-centered care to those impacted by substance use disorders, regardless of race, gender, age or station… because EVERYONE is worthy of recovery.

Austin Recovery brings together our recovery service programs into one collaborative and integrated network.

An Overview of Our Recovery Programs

Austin Recovery’s High School is a sober high school in Austin, Texas for 9-12th grade students in recovery from a substance use disorder who are committed to remaining abstinent from alcohol and other drugs.  Research tells us that about ninety percent of teens who return to their pre-treatment schools will relapse whereas over seventy-five percent of teens will remain in recovery if they attend a sober high school and have peer and family support systems.
Austin Recovery’s High School engages teens and their families on the journey of recovery by providing a safe, sober, and academically rigorous high school experience that incorporates 12 step recovery support.  Our program provides high quality, accredited academics that includes dual-credit courses and credit recovery.  Our school utilizes a blended learning model that incorporates both highly qualified teachers and one-to-one technology to meet each student’s individual academic needs.
Austin Recovery’s High School’s recovery program facilitates student healing and continued emotional wellness by integrating therapeutic and peer-to-peer support systems within a culture of authenticity and accountability. Founded on national best practices and leading research, we are privileged to partner with the University of Texas at Austin in various collaborations, including academic content and oversight provided by UT Charter Schools, sober collegiate mentors from the Center for Students in Recovery, Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors from The School of Undergraduate Studies, interns from the School of Social Work, and study skills and time management workshops from Sanger Learning Center outreach assistants.
Austin Recovery’s High School is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Classes meet Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the school year at University Christian Church, 2007 University Drive, Austin, Texas 78705.
For more information or to tour the school, please email info@austinrecovery.org or call 512-382-0072.

Our program is aimed at helping adolescents and their families to recover from the harm caused by substance use and addiction. The Peer Support Group model consists of providing teens with a fun and safe environment, providing opportunities for life-long bonds to be formed between teens, as well as providing them with support and accountability from their staff and peers. A big part of our program is parent involvement. Addiction is a family disease in that it affects more than just the person using drugs or alcohol. We believe that the whole family has to change in order for there to be success.

Our peer support group is located at 6301 Woodrow Ave, Austin, Texas 78757 we provide programing Tuesday through Sunday. Please inquire about current group schedule.

For more information about our peer support group please call 281-380-2443.